Characterization of diatoms and associated microbiota

by UGent - Laboratory of Protistology and Aquatic Ecology​



Available at the Spermatophytes Research Group (CeMoFE) of Ghent University

UGent - Laboratory of Protistology and Aquatic Ecology​

Our research group studies marine and freshwater ecosystems, with an emphasis on coastal systems and polar-alpine and temperate lakes. We have a strong focus on the biodiversity, ecological roles and evolutionary history of unicellular eukaryotes in these systems as well as from other natural or man-made environments. The lab has a long-standing history of research on diatoms, which are the focus of a long-term integrative research line, including cell biology of new model diatom species, population genomics and macroecological and biogeographical studies. In an applied context, we focus among others on harmful algal bloom monitoring and control, transmission of pathogens via bacteria-protozoa interactions in animal farming, and algal biotechnology. The lab hosts an ISO9001 certified Diatom Culture Collection.